Pre-Marital Counseling & Coaching For Couples


Preparing For A Lifetime Together 

Congratulations on your engagement! Wondering about the benefits of pre-marital counseling or coaching?

  • Develop your own style of communication
  • Address potential conflicts in a safe place
  • Better understand individual + couple goals
  • Build a strong foundation for marriage

How it works.

Aside from monthly phone calls/Skype sessions or in-person sessions with counselor and relationship coach, Art Jackson, clients benefit from:

  • In-depth individual and couple assessments
  • Regular at-home exercises
  • How-to literature
  • Discussions about your past, present & future
  • Create a shared vision and plan for your marriage
  • Guidance through every step in building a solid foundation for marriage 
  • Unlimited email access
  • Starting at $450 for a three month starter package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this pre-marital counseling or coaching?

In most pre-marital cases, coaching is the best course of action. Counseling is often used to help heal broken relationships that may be affected by abuse and other traumatic blows. Coaching is more about guiding an individual or couple to their best potential, less like therapy.

How far in advance of my wedding should I book pre-marital coaching?

Every couple is different and some may choose more or less time depending on the issues and progress made during sessions. Most couples schedule pre-marital coaching or counseling soon after engagement, around a year before walking down the aisle.

My fiancé and I are happy and in love, is pre-marital counseling necessary?

The Hidden Rules process is about improvement. We can always be and do better. In every relationship there is usually room for improvement in communication and managing/resolving conflict.

Who will be coaching us?

Art Jackson has made an entire career of studying and putting the "rules of relationships" to practice. Art has an honest approach backed by years of experience and a licensure from the American Association of Christian Therapists. Sidenote: If you are in need of someone to officiate your wedding, look no further than Art Jackson!

Is this service provided through a church?

Though a healthy mind, body and spirit does receive emphasis in some programs and discussions, The Hidden Rules does not offer religious counsel.