Marriage Counseling & Coaching in Northern VA


A Joyful Marriage Is Within Reach 

You've made it this far! Whether you are on the brink of divorce or desiring a more fulfilling relationship with your spouse as you grow individually & together, Art Jackson can help:

  • Empty nesters re-develop a sense of purpose
  • Resolve old conflicts and trust issues
  • Find the fun in your marriage
  • Re-build the foundation in your relationship

What is the difference between marriage counseling and marriage coaching?

Marriage counseling is so widely used that most people have never even heard of marital coaching! In most cases, counseling is reserved for overcoming traumatic relationship issues like infidelity or abuse. Many married folks just want to escape boredom, stop bickering as much or re-discover the chemistry they once had - this is where coaching can be most beneficial. Coaching is the art of self-improvement, transforming dysfunctional communications and bonds, and turning them into happy and healthy habits to last a lifetime.

*Whether you receive coaching or counseling depends on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer packages?

Several pricing options are available, starting at $450 for a three month starter package.

What is included in your marriage counseling/coaching services?

You will undergo an in-depth asesssment, be assigned at-home activites and benefit from monthly check-ins with Art Jackson. The goal is to unlearn the bad habits that could be a result of upbringing or past experiences and focus on building a loving, healthy marriage.

Who will be guiding me through all of this?

You will speak directly with the founder of The Hidden Rules, Art Jackson. Art has spent his entire career (spanning several decades) helping Fortune 500 executives and Pentagon leaders utilize better communication practices. Within the last 10 years, Art has ministered to many couples and earned a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling.

Are these sessions based off of religious principles?

Though a healthy mind, body and spirit does receive emphasis in some discussions, The Hidden Rules is based off of healthy communication and conflict resolution principles.

Do I need my spouse to be present to sign up?

Couples and solo spouses are all welcome and can benefit from dropping a few bad habits while picking up skills to build a loving and fulfilling marriage. Typically, these newly acquired skills tend to rub off on those surrounding you.