Family Counseling & Coaching in Manassas, VA


#1 Family Coach in NoVA

How we handle stressors like peer pressure, grief, and disappointment are so important in a family unit; that goes for parents and youth! Coaching benefits:

  • Overcome communication barriers
  • Discuss conflict with a neutral expert
  • Plan for the future as a family
  • Escape negative familial archetypes

Is family counseling right for us?

If you have a family, you might find family counseling to be beneficial. While counseling usually addresses issues that can impair our day-to-day functioning, coaching can help families achieve individual and group objectives while developing a style of communication unique to your family. Our founder, Art Jackson has spent decades training people in the art of effective communication and conflict resolution. From Fortune 500 executives to Pentagon Strategists and single parents to struggling teens, there are rules to relationships. Learn how to rise above anger management issues, blended family tension, sibling rivalries, low self-esteem, and parenting challenges.

Partnering, between a coach – parent – youth, can yield wonderful results that actually “stick” long after coaching sessions are over. You will discover how to be focused and strategic in your family relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is family counseling for the whole family or just me?

Either way. Depending on the challenge(s) at hand, coaching can work well on an individual basis though cooperation and some involvement is necessary from all parties.

What is a counseling session like?

Counseling sessions are scheduled on a monthly basis. Families or individuals can come into our Manassas office or schedule a call if residing outside of Northern Virginia. Half-day immersion sessions are also available for digging in a bit deeper to uncover and resolve issues that may stem from past experiences.

What else is included?

Clients must be willing to commit to at-home activities that foster healthy relationships, guided assessments, reviewing literature and a bit of soul-searching too! Packages start at $450 for a three month starter package.

Who will be coaching us (or me)?

Art Jackson has built an entire career of studying and putting the "rules of relationships" to practice. Art has an honest approach backed by years of experience and a licensure from the American Association of Christian Therapists.

Is this service provided through a church?

Though a healthy mind, body and spirit does play a role in some discussions, The Hidden Rules does not offer religious-specific counsel.