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6 Secrets To A Lasting Marriage

In 2017, we see fewer and fewer long-lasting marriages. However, they still exist and there is no reason why you can’t enjoy one if you want to. Below are 6 keys to unlock the hidden rules of successful marriages.

  1. Take pride in your journey. Celebrate the small victories! Marriage requires skills that take years or even decades to master. A marriage is truly one’s life work, so take pride in humble beginnings and how far you’ve come together. Celebrate every day wins.

  2. Be your spouse’s #1 fan. In lasting marriages, partners know their spouse’s strengths and acknowledge them often. Always root for your husband or wife and strive to uplift him or her. Ignite your spouse’s fire and they will return the favor.

  3. Don’t fight over money. By all means, discuss finances and discuss them regularly. However, do not let these discussions reach the point of a heated argument. Have systems and routines in place to keep each other in check so that neither one resorts to nagging to “correct” the other. [Related: Resolve Conflicts Before Bed]

  4. Never seek to humiliate one another. It is surprising how often this comes up. It seems like common sense, but don’t embarrass your spouse by telling a story or revealing information that will demean him or her to family or friends. Avoid pointing out each other’s flaws in public at all costs. Be mindful of wandering eyes! When you stare at other men or women, others (including your partner) will definitely notice.

  5. Put each other first. Keep the date nights going and try to be as spontaneous as you were when you first started dating. Use time management and mediation so that work or other priorities don’t overshadow intimacy or time with your significant other. [Related: Become More Romantic]

  6. Two words: ME time. Couples who stay together love themselves. They give themselves individual attention and focus on self-development. Couples who spend time apart come back together with a new outlook or something fresh and interesting to share. ME time helps to keep a marriage lively.

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