Redditors Give Their Best Advice To Married and Engaged Couples

As a marriage and relationship coach, I draw inspiration from everywhere - academic coursework, continuing education, online forums, my clients and personal experience. Every day is a learning experience. Today, I decided to pull from online inspiration. Reddit is an online community with over 234 million visitors and over 8 billion page views every month. Here’s what Reddit users thought were the best pieces of marital advice they’ve ever received:

  1. Playfully teasing your spouse/partner in front of friends seems like a good way to passively point out his/her flaws while livening the conversation with some humor. Do not be fooled. This is a bad idea.

  2. Your partner can’t read your mind. Communicate!

  3. When transitioning from boyfriend or girlfriend to a husband or wife, remember, "We are married now! You can't do that!” doesn’t work. The same boyfriend who never washed dishes will in most cases also be a husband who doesn’t wash dishes. Don’t assume that a label change will also include responsibility changes.

  4. Talk about money. Who will be in charge of paying the bills on time? Will you share income/expenses? What are your spending/saving styles? What are your long-term purchasing goals (car, home, investments)?

  5. Make sure that your 5-year, 10-year and long-term goals are compatible. Example, if your fiancé wants to open a nightclub in 5-years but you disapprove of her nightlife habits now, this could be a red flag.

  6. When arguing, seek to understand before seeking to be understood.

  7. Don’t ever stop “dating.”

  8. Be a team...And don't take yourselves too seriously!

  9. Don’t lie. If your relationship can handle the truth, then it can handle anything.

  10. Say, “thank you,” as much or more often than “I love you.”

  11. My only "secret" is I am damn grateful she's stayed with me one more day-every day for those 15 years. It also helps to send your mother-in-law flowers on your wife's birthday with a card simply saying, "thank you."

  12. Live below your means.

  13. Been with my wife for 29 years. It helps if you have a shed. :-)

  14. Never tell your significant other to calm down!

  15. Be affectionate; hugs, kisses, and just gentle touching are important.

  16. Keep it fresh in bed.

  17. Learn when to bite your tongue!

  18. Don’t be too proud to go to marriage counseling.


Comment below and let me know what your favorite tips are. If you’d like to speak with an expert about your relationship or marriage (even pre-marital), let’s schedule a consultation at no cost to you.