Do I Need Marriage Counseling or Coaching?

If you are reading this article, the answer might be yes. Still not sure if you need help from a marriage coach? Read on to see if any of these 6 red flags are apparent in your marriage:

  1. You’re having the same arguments often – You argue about how the laundry is folded or how much time your partner spends on the phone; but these things can trigger frequent arguments. A marriage coach can help you break down each issue and get to the root cause so you can both end the cycle of petty arguments and bickering.

  2. You’re considering divorce – This is usually a sign that you’re at your wits end. Considering divorce is one of the clearest signs that you and your partner may need professional help. Your marriage coach or counselor will help you both work through all issues leading to these feelings at an attempt to save your marriage.  

  3. You need to talk – This also refers to being afraid to talk and/or when you talk but most of your conversations are negative. Your marriage coach is unbiased, objective and skilled at leading conversations of all kinds with couples from all backgrounds. The Hidden Rules is a safe place for both people to talk openly and receive personalized feedback.  

  4. You’re living separate lives – This doesn’t imply that you have to do everything with your spouse but when couples start living more like roommates, it may be time for a marriage coach. Your separate lives might also mean a lack of communication, sex, intimacy and quality time. A marriage coach or counselor can help you go from co-existing to building a loving and fulfilling marriage.

  5. When you’re contemplating or are already having an affair – This can be an emotional affair (emotional cheating) or a physical affair. Any relationship of this sort isn’t healthy for your marriage and was generally brought on from issues within your marriage.

  6. When you want your partner to change – If you think things would be better if your partner “would just change.” The Hidden Rules helps clients set personal goals and relationship goals versus trying to change your partner. Remember, the only person you can change is you.


Free consultations only take about 15-minutes of your time. From there, we can discuss your goals and challenges regularly, as well as talk through at-home and self-reflective exercises.