How To Save Your Marriage In 30-Days

If you're wondering whether or not your marriage is worth saving, the answer is most likely, yes! Of course, to be asking yourself that questions, you may have also considered a separation or even divorce. There are things you can do to bring your relationship with your spouse back to life. I've got a few at-home activities for your and your husband or wife to try for the next 30-days. If you all take these tips seriously, you should see an improvement in as little as a month!

Here’s Some Homework

  1. Take stock of where your relationship is right now. 
  2. Rate it on a scale of 1 to 4 (1 is Low; 4 is High).
  3. Then, for the next 30 days, do one of the five items below:
    -  Cultivate at least one shared interest.
    -  Actively work to improve your communications skills.
    -  Keep dating.
    -  Have sex. Really good sex!
    -  Have fun.
  4. On day 31, take stock of where your relationship is again. If you do the work, you soon find that you’re in a relationship that’s worth saving!

To Summarize … 
“Do you think our marriage is worth saving?” 
“Yes, your marriage is worth saving.”